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Raku Noise Gang

Welcome to the Raku Noise Gang

This is a group for the promotion and support of audio and music application development in Raku

What's this all about?

Raku is an expressive and flexible programming language with a relatively simple mechanism to bind to native libraries, it seems a good choice for implementing certain types of audio and music applications, and it's fun too!

The aim of this group is to provide a focus for people writing sound oriented applications in Raku and to help people find or use the tools and libraries that are already available. If there is stuff out there we want to bring it to people's attention.

So what can I do now?

There already exist modules for reading and writing audio files, encoding and decoding various formats, interfacing with other audio software, reading and writing MIDI and audio data from devices and other things beside, at some point we'll get round to curating a proper list but for the meantime you can browse the modules list to see what already exists.

If something you really want doesn't already exist, let us know; it could be that someone already has it on their TODO list or they might be looking for something new to work on.

We can also be found on IRC, come along and have a chat.

How can I help?

There are no end of libraries that could be made or that the author needs help with, we may even have adopted some modules that may need some love. Just jump in and start making or mending stuff.

We also want to make some guides, how-to documentation and the like, so if you like playing around with software, making noise at the same time and writing documentation at the same time then do it, the more the merrier.

And of course if you make anything cool or interesting we'd love to know, if you have recorded something using Raku we'd love to hear it, and though we haven't really thought that far ahead right now, we'll work out some way of show-casing it :)